JBrowseR 0.9.0 2021-10-17

  • Updated @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view to latest release (1.4.4). Check out the JB2 release notes to learn about all of the features!
  • Fixed the code example for track_wiggle().
  • Updated the URL for the hg38 to fix the CORS error from the old source.

JBrowseR 0.8.1 2021-07-07

This release consists of updates to the JS side of the package:

  • Upgrades @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view to latest release (1.3.2). This includes:
    • new SVG export feature! 📸
    • a fix for better supporting Dialog components in the UI 🔨
    • performance improvements 🚀
    • better theming support (you can now change the colors of the bases!) 🎨
  • Updates the internal React components in the package based on new API changes to the React LGV

There are no changes to the R interface.

JBrowseR 0.8.0 2021-05-21

  • Added the track_data_frame() track type. This makes it possible to create JB2 tracks directly from R data frames without any files.
  • Updated all views to now send Shiny messages to input$selectedFeature recorded what feature was clicked on. Check out the new example app bookmark_app.R for a demo!

JBrowseR 0.7.1 2021-03-27

  • Updated URLS in Description to reflect new home in GMOD Github organization.
  • Upgraded to @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view version 1.0.4 (fixes issues with Safari and iOS compatibility).

JBrowseR 0.7.0 2021-02-22

  • Initial package release!